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Neon Highlights DJ show logo 2022

Neon Highlights

Monday 9AM – 10 AM

Highlights of the best up and coming electronic music in the US and UK.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Abe M

I have a passion for finding new music that makes me feel the hairs on my neck stand up. So I’m constantly looking for new music to listen and see and appreciate what’s out there.I spend at least 4 hours searching for new music each day.

Special K DJ show logo 2022

Special K

Monday 7PM – 8PM

My show would be in-composing if every range and it would be vitalizing to all parts of the soul

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Special K

That the music is electric to my soul in all parts so to give it to others to feel it in all of a melody is meaningful

In the loop DJ show logo 2022

In The Loop Radio

Monday 10PM-11 PM

An upbeat radio show bringing the sounds of house, bounce, and disco while also incorporating influences from hip hop, rnb, and more. Bridging the gap between all music genres with house music for the casual listener.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

There is an undeniable presence that DXTR. creates within his music and mixing that will have you wanting more. As a member of The FeelGood Collective and as one of the founders of In The Loop, DXTR. has played an essential role in building a community for music lovers throughout California. DXTR. has no limit in creativity when it comes to mixing music with genres ranging from RnB, Hip Hop, Future Beats, and House. Starting off as a bedroom DJ to DJing clubs and events, DXTR.’s sound has led him to DJ alongside artists such as Esta, Jared Jackson, Full Crate, JRobb, Miles Medina, and many more.

Chill pill with MC squared DJ show logo 2022

The Chill Pill

Thursday 10AM – 11AM

Here on the Chill Pill we play chill electronic music from genres such as chill wave, chill synth, Plunderphonics and more. Relax man. Take a chill pill and enjoy the vibes.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
MC Squared

MC Squared is all chilled out. With his calm and soothing voice he’ll take you on eclectic journey though your dreams to explore the many genres of chill music. Whether your stressing about a test or assignment, take a chill pill, MC Squared is here to help you relax.

Practice Sessions Season 2 Logo for Fall 2022 TR

Practice Sessions S2

Thursday 6PM – 7PM

Practice Sessions is a radio show alternating between live recorded digital DJ sets and vinyl DJ mixes. PS traverses through the rich lineage of the UK hardcore continuum (grime, UK funky, dubstep, drum and bass, house, jungle, etc.) as well as bassweight-heavy techno, hard hitting drum workouts, dancehall, and other genres of electronic music. Practice Sessions also works through downtempo and dreamy, delicate ambient, contemporary pop, video game soundtracks, underlooked indie music and other forms of internet-based music in the post-genre landscape.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Yung Dave

Dave is Titan Radio’s web design intern, and has been involved with Titan Radio for almost a year, DJing for the After Hours show and hosting Practice Sessions on TR since last semester. Besides digital + vinyl DJ work, David is also a video editor / graphic designer / writer / photographer / vibzers lad.

@yungwaveydave on the insta

Titan Radio After Hours DJ show logo 2022

Titan Radio After Hours

Thursday 7PM – 9PM

"Bringing you live mixes from the best DJs from the underground dance music scene"

dj by dDara from the Noun Project
Julio Reyes

From the desert to the warehouse, join me, Julio Reyes, in bringing you DJs from the underground. Come party with us at the afters that everyone is invited to. The sound from the underground – Titan Radio After Hours.

Ecyce music fridays at 12pm with Rin apa DJ show logo 2022

Ecyce Music

Friday 12PM-1PM

A consonance blend of Music Playing and Talk Show. Although mainly playing EDM, it will be open to play a plethora of genres. There is a pursuit in talking about anything and will be open to feature guests to have conversations with and suggest songs.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Rinny has an expansive mind that could thrown from being to analytical to overthinking. As of now, he is lost and in the pursuit in understanding what he wants out of life. Just maybe, being a DJ can give him the push he needs to be out, open, and to have fun with it.

On the beat DJ show logo 2022

On The Beat

Friday 9PM – 10PM

"Bringing you live mixes from the best DJs from the underground dance music scene"

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Kimberly has a passion for electronic music especially house music. Her goal is to get everyone to stop whatever they’re doing and start dancing!

Waaves and friends DJ show logo 2022

WAAVES and Friends

Saturday 2PM – 3PM

My music choices are hard, grunge but also emotional and feel-good type. I am typically categorized into the dubstep genre of EDM but, when it comes to mixing, I like everything from 128 BPM house music to 140's and 150's riddim and dubstep.

dj by dDara from the Noun Project

Since 2017, Waaves has made appearances at SXSW and Grimefest in Austin, Texas as well as major California cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento among others. Waaves focuses on genres such as dubstep and riddim for shows and production but also enjoys working on future bass.