Couple of Buds Ready to Bloom

Show Description: Selwa and Lyba create a space for honest conversation about their religious and cultural upbringings. Specifically, they discuss how it has shaped them, and lessons they’ve learned along the way! This show will have two hosts, Lyba Batla and Selwa Hassen. Potentially, towards the end of the semester, they would like to feature a guest to promote their Muslim business.

About Lyba Batla & Selwa Hassen: Selwa is a 19 year old student at CSUF, pursuing a Psychology major and African American Studies minor. She loves to research and discuss societal phenomena and world issues. Selwa wishes to have the show as a judgement-free zone to express and discuss various topics freely so that others listening may learn from it. Lyba is also 19 year old student at CSUF, currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in computer science. She has given two TEDx talks, and loves public speaking and bringing awareness to overlooked topics. Lyba hopes to be able to use her degree in the future to help code programs that would benefit those in need.

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