Dora’s Extraordinary Playlists

Show Description: Whenever you feel some sort of way, there is always a song, or songs, that perfectly capture what is happening in your life, almost like a soundtrack made exclusively by you, for you. Welcome to Dora’s Extraordinary Playlists, where each week you will find a brand new playlist centered around a new theme. Featuring a variety of genres, artists, and, of course, songs, this show is perfect for those who want to start developing the soundtrack to their own life!

About Dora: Dora Sheade is an actress, music enthusiast, and movie lover who loves to live life with at least one earbud in at all times. When she’s not making playlists on Spotify, you can find her performing, chatting with her friends, baking, or crocheting something. Dora sees music as an experience an exciting way to get to know others!

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