Eternal Carnival

Show Description: Eternal Carnival is a talk/ music show that goes over K-Pop news, new releases/debuts and song recommendations. Each week we’ll start off with sharing K-Entertainment news following a discussion of any new artist releases or debuts. We’ll then go into a music portion with some K-pop tracks then close it off with some song recommendations. We want to create a show for fans of K-pop while also introducing the genre to all those interested.

About Kari Cosmos & Kyaotic: Kari is a quiet student in class but talkative once her interest are brought to the table. She loves music, video games, anime, K-drama’s and web-comics. She likes to think of herself as the supporting character who is kind and a fan favorite. Kyaotic is known amongst her friends as “The Encyclopedia of K-pop.” She knows the all about the latest groups and hits from the genre and is able to name all 23 members of NCT. She is a kind soul who loves to spread kindest and joy to those around her.

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