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By supporting Titan Radio, you are playing a part in operating a unique space for the CSUF community to explore their passions and gain priceless experience.

What We Have To Offer

Titan Radio offers the Cal State Fullerton community a unique, studentdriven environment to explore audio production, music, journalism, and much more. In a typical semester, Titan Radio…

  1. Employs 5+ paid student assistants positions
  2. Offers 7+ academic internships to promote professional growth
  3. Promotes 80+ volunteer radio DJs consisting of CSUF students, faculty and staff
  4. Organizes numerous events focused on community strength, networking, local music, and more
  5. Provides live music for 10+ campus events including Homecoming, Welcome to CSUF Day, and Daily Titan Fest

As Titan Radio grows, our financial demands increase. Currently, we are heavily dependent on the funds we receive from student tuition fees. Each year, more and more operations at CSUF apply for these funds, so less and less are directed to our operation. To become more self-sufficient, we are asking for the support of our community. Below are some options of how you can help keep college radio thriving at Cal State Fullerton!

Donate Directly to Titan Radio

A direct donation to our fundraising account with the university is the best way to make an impact at Titan Radio. Whether you’re a Titan Radio alum, a listener, or just a billionaire with way too much money on your hands, any donation amount helps us immensely.

Work with Us

Titan Radio offers several ways to collaborate with us in unique and cost-effective ways. We can provide your organization with underwriting promotions, recognition on our website, audio production services, and much more.

In addition to getting a great deal on our services, your partnership would also help support college radio flourish at Cal State Fullerton.

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