Written by: Mayra Martinez

Mindfulness, what is it? Essentially mindfulness is a state we as individuals can achieve to be grounded and aware. By taking a pause in our everyday life and acknowledging what’s around us and the feelings and emotions that run through our bodies, we can be mindful of our presence without fear or judgment.

We can reach this human ability through different tools, whether breathing exercises, grounding exercises, journaling, drawing, or even music. Mindfulness can be hard to reach, and how we achieve it or what it looks like varies from person to person. One thing is sure; music can help us resync our breathing, calm the world around us, and bring us back to our bodies. This can be practiced anytime, anywhere. On your way to work, from one class to another, before having a difficult conversation and much more. Combining music with mindfulness allows for a more significant healing space and a deep connection between your mind and body. 

How I use music to help me during mindfulness practices is quite simple. First, I lay down and put soft instrumental music or music frequencies. I start by taking deep breaths and letting my mind focus on the rhythm of the music; I let my mind recap how my day went and then analyze certain moments that stood out for me throughout the day. The music helps keep me calm; everything seems slow as time pauses for me. I run through these moments, see how I truly felt, and think about how my body felt. As I take deep breaths, I notice different body parts relax. As I inhale and exhale, I think my body can continue sinking to the floor. Then, when I’m in my most relaxed state, I just lay still, empty-minded, and hear the music, the rhythms, beats, and how my body feels and relaxes. 

So whether or not you believe in breathing exercises, the power of meditation, and practicing mindfulness, I encourage you to try this exercise. Maybe you have been doing it already and don’t even realize it! I didn’t know how much I would enjoy just listening to music and breathing while lying down, but it’s now one of my favorite ways to destress. So please, try it out, and let us know how much you enjoy it. I will link a playlist that helps me, but make your own! Fill it with songs that bring you peace and let the music work its magic. Peace and love.

Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2cj375LTWWiIThw8yi30bW?si=5fa086a963664400 

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