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Story by Andrea Carvajal

TR Clubhouse is a blog series on our website highlighting the different clubs and organizations around campus. This issues club is the Women Gender and Queer Studies Student Association, WGQSSA for short! Andrea Carvajal interviewed Leaonaa, the club’s Co-President.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your organization? 

A: We are a student group that centers community building and activism on campus. As the student association for the Women and Gender & Queer Studies Department we hope to create a community beyond the classroom for students interested in issues discussed in the Feminist and Queer centered classes.

Q: What Demographic do you cater to? 

A: We cater to all demographics, we of course want to create a safe space for our members and center students within the WGST and Queer Studies departments but we welcome all!

Q: What kind of services does your organization offer? 

A: We offer a safe space to find community and be involved with activism on campus. We also sponsor the yearly Feminist Symposium organized by the Feminist Theories class in the fall.

Q: What is your favorite service your organization offers? 

A: Our favorite part about WGQSSA is the community and support aspect of the collective that continues to grow. We are able to bring difficult conversations to the table in a safe space and build upon those conversations with different perspectives. However, it isn’t always so serious either, sometimes we just like to hang out on zoom and see how everyone is doing. While it is not the same as having socials in person, we still try and make it space where everyone feels welcomed and that we can still enjoy each other’s company. Another difference between online and physical meetings would be the mini potluck and snacks we’d have for our meetings, it was a nice welcome and people contributed some delicious snacks.

Q: What type of events do you all throw?

We throw community talks on issues happening on campus as well as some check-in and social meetings to get people connected. We mainly collaborate with other resource centers on campus or try to provide transportation for conferences.

Q: Any upcoming events? 

A: WARC Event: Road to Abolition~Transformative Justice: A Conversation with Dr. Xherchis Méndez Friday Oct. 16 @ 12

Titan Radio: IntersXional Healing every Thursday at 4 PM

Monthly Socials

Social Media

Instagram: @csuf_wgqssa

Twitter: @csuf_wgqssa

Spotify: WGQSSA

Email: [email protected]

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