Story by Raegina Sanchez

Lyba Batla and Selwa Hassen are the co- hosts of Titan Radio’s new podcast, “Couple of Buds Ready to Bloom.” They discuss anything from their religious journey, self confidence, and what it’s like trying to fit in. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing them and learning about what goes into producing weekly episodes.

What made you want to start your own podcast through Titan Radio? 

Starting a podcast was always something Lyba and Selwa were interested in. 

“I just love talking and learning new things, so a podcast was a great idea, and I talked about it with Lyba because she mentioned the same thing,” Selwa explained. 

As for how it actually started, it was a spontaneous decision they made once the applications for Titan Radio DJs opened. Both of them had been on Titan Radio before to promote Muslim Student Association, and they were interested in doing something like it again. When Selwa saw the application, she brought it to Lyba’s attention because it seemed like a great opportunity to do something they have always wanted.

What’s the process of creating the podcast like? From recording, editing, and even posting on social media.

Lyba described how they record the podcast. They usually start with a document full of different ideas for topics they can talk about. She says that the topic they choose depends on their mood and what they feel like talking about for the week. The topics that require a little more research, for example, are usually saved for a later episode.  They don’t follow a script because they want to make sure they sound authentic and natural, making sure their audience feels they are a part of the conversation. They even make sure to keep their social media interactive. 

Selwa explains that they try to post on Instagram 3 times a week, and each post is promoting the upcoming episode in some way. Additionally, they post stories that are interactive so their followers can engage with their content. On top of all that, they make sure all their posts follow a certain color scheme so everything looks nice and cohesive. Everything from preparing to posting takes about 4-5 hours every week, and even though it can seem like a lot of work, Lyba says she doesn’t mind it.

“It’s another way to let out steam on the weekends whenever we’ve had a stressful week,” Lyba comments. 

How has doing the podcast help you learn more about yourself and each other?

Although they were already friends before the podcast, Lyba and Selwa have realized a lot about themselves and the other person. Their episode topics require self-reflection, and talking about these various topics have helped Selwa and Lyba realize how similar they are

“Lyba and I have found so much in common from just recording the episodes, we literally have the same personality type,” Selwa expresses.

Lyba adds on to that by saying, “I finally found someone who is me.”

Aside from being able to relate to each other on a whole new level, they have each individually learned something new about themselves. Lyba learned how to set boundaries with people, and Selwa realized how important it is to check in with yourself. She said she learned not to let other people’s opinions sway her.

“At the end of the day, you’re living life for you,” she explains. 

Lyba feels the same way; she even added that the podcast keeps her so busy (in a good way) that she just doesn’t have time to care about what other people think. 

What are you most excited about for the future of your podcast? 

Selwa and Lyba really enjoy the whole process and look forward to seeing each other’s faces on zoom every Sunday when they record.

Selwa says, “It felt good creating something and seeing it through.” 

Additionally, they plan on including a segment that promotes student businesses. Selwa explains how they definitely want to incorporate parts of the community into their podcast. They are also going to be featuring guests to talk about certain topics. 

Overall, they are looking forward to learning more about each other, growing as people, and hopefully expanding their platform in the future. 

“Couple of Buds Ready to Bloom” airs every week on Friday at 8 pm on To stay updated, follow their Instagram @coupleofbudsreadytobloom.

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