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Story by Alyssa Garcia

Safe is the first EP released by Saferoom. With six songs shortly under 18 minutes leaves you relaxed and feeling, well… safe. 

This group from Chino California has successfully brought together an array of sounds and vocals that left me wanting more. More, as in more to listen to. 

The EP starts off with “Flower” which features a monologue recited by group member Eduardo Marquez. The sound of trickling rain and chimes feels as if you are entering a sleeping state. Tranquility and peace are brought together with Marquez’s narration which feels as if placed into someone’s mind. The perfect way to start this EP is if you are entering a dream or another time. 

As the album, “Safe” continues it slowly picks up the pace while still giving a chill vibe. Saferoom has turned back time by bringing an 80’s sound into their music. Their use of a synthesizer is clearly present which ties in well with their lead singer, Daniel Castaneda’s vocals. 

 In their song “S.O.S.”, Castaneda’s raspy voice is present which pairs perfectly with the use of synth, guitars, and drums to pull together an alternative 80’s rock sound. The fun upbeat song has a youthful sound with a bit of a classic twist. It brings the feeling of being in an 80’s themed music video as your favorite high school rock band performs in the gym during prom. 

The album begins to slow down as it reaches closer to the end. The transition from upbeat to a slower tune is effortlessly brought together with “Safe”. The song still has an upbeat tempo but is softer and whimsical. Something fun, yet calming that you can listen to as you lay in your room to finish a long day. 

As the album reaches the end you are brought back to the beginning tempo. Slower, dreamier, and soothing. Another effortless transition from “Safe” to “Trials” makes it seem like the album’s sound is on loop. From slow, to increasingly picking up-tempo, then gradually back down to slow. The vocals in “Trials” create another feeling of hearing someone’s thoughts as it did in “Flower”. 

If you are looking for fun, fresh, and new with a twist to your classic 80’s, then “Safe” is for you. Saferoom effectively achieved bringing a classic era back to life in recent times. Something that is soothing yet lively that can be listened to anywhere. 

Rating: 4.3/ 5 

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