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By: Nala Smith

In the vibrant heart of Melrose lies a storefront unlike any other. Marked by the intriguing slogan, “If you’re a hed, you’re ahead,” has become a beacon for creativity, innovation, and artistic expression, where they have hosted the likes of local talent, including their very own John Liwag (@johnliwag) and Sober Rob (@sober_rob), as well as, clubaction (@clubaction), Aleko (@itsaleko), Mylen Makes (@mylenmakes), and Laylo (@uhliezuhh). But what exactly is, and how is it reshaping the digital landscape?


To uncover the answers, I delved into the world of heds, sitting down with Mike (@deffiedeff), Cam (@0xcambot), Rahmteen (@rahmteen), Rob (@sober_rob), and John (@johnliwag), the minds behind this enigmatic venture. As they shared their backgrounds, friendship history, and the formation of heds, a captivating narrative emerged—one of passion, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries.


Heds, a play on “sneakerheads,” embodies the spirit of specialization and creativity. Rooted in ‘headie’ culture, is more than just a brand; it’s a movement that transcends traditional definitions. From music to coding, design to business, heds encompasses a diverse array of talents under one roof.


The origin of the name “heds” itself reflects the collective’s innovative spirit. Born out of a chat about art fandoms, the team seized upon the idea, weaving it seamlessly into their brand identity. With a nod to search engine optimization (SEO) and a penchant for experimentation, heds was born—a digital playground where imagination knows no bounds.


Describing heds in a single sentence proves to be as challenging as defining art itself. Mike, hed of heds, aptly captures the essence, labeling heds “hard to explain for all the right reasons.” As Rahmteen, hed of technology and creativity, added, “heds is a chameleon,” effortlessly adapting to showcase art in all its forms, whether through bleeding-edge technology or cultural relevance.


Central to heds’ ethos is the relentless pursuit of leading trends in art. Through music, hardware, software, and interactive installations, heds seeks to streamline access to niche worlds and foster a culture of exploration. Their storefront serves as a hub for tactile interactions, reintroducing audiences to the lost art of hands-on creativity.


Heds’ inaugural ClubLIWAG event exemplifies their commitment to fostering creativity. Spearheaded by John Liwag, the event seamlessly blended music, art, and DIY pop-ups, transforming the storefront into a vibrant showcase of innovation. John, hed of media, describes that he had longed to play his own show while upholding his creative integrity. 

“Rob explained, ‘we have this space that isn’t the biggest, and we can do creative stuff.’ I was like, wait, that’s a perfect marriage with that, and I had also made a new friend, clubaction, who just opened for Fred again, and I had just opened for isoxo. After we both played the Shrine, I thought ‘It’s not about the size of the room you play, it’s- how creative can you be with the experience?’ Heds was the perfect partner because I could also get my friend, Nicole Tiddaman, to do a DIY pop-up at the show.”


The team granted John full creative freedom during the promotion cycle. Prior to the show, the guys were building the store, and John used that content to market the event. “After the show, I got so used to talking to them every day,” John explains. Rob’s release party for his single “GO!” followed the clubLIWAG event, and John reminded him daily to promote it via flyers and videos, which sparked the team’s decision to hire John full-time. 


This collaborative spirit underscores heds’ purpose, offering artists a platform to unleash their creative potential.


Behind the scenes, each member of the team plays a vital role. From technical wizardry to cultural curation, their combined expertise fuels their endeavors. As Cam, hed of technology and communications, asserts, “Finding people who are as passionate and driven about a goal as you are is so hard to find.” But within the collective, passion is the driving force that propels them forward.


As heds embarks on its journey, the team is poised to scale new heights. Rob, hed of culture and design, shared that they hope to expand their events, collaborate with larger brands they admire, like Brain Dead Studios (@wearebraindead), and venture into new artistic frontiers. From the excitement of using their VOID sound system at bigger venues to the anticipation of showcasing diverse music genres, heds is primed to make its mark on the global stage.


In a world fragmented by uncertainty, heds stands as a testament to the power of collective creativity. Like Mike says, “You build the best version of whatever you want, and that’s all you can really do.” With leading the charge, the future of artistry in the digital landscape looks brighter than ever before.


Heds just released their baby tee and they are currently preparing for their next event, the debut live set by GLOWSTONE- an experimental electronic duo featuring MADI (@madimakesmusica) and sober rob (@sober_rob). The event will consist of a recorded audiovisual experience to showcase their new project “EP II,” a clothing installation by chr0mec0, a live tattoo artist, support from Redbull, a Eurorack modular opening set, and more! RSVP at


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