by Shelby Stancliff

TR Clubhouse is a blog series on our website highlighting the different clubs and organizations around campus. This issue’s organization is the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, OLLI for short! Shelby interviewed the executive council. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about your organization? 

A: OLLI is a senior organization dedicated to extended education.  We reside, in normal years, on campus, and our current membership is about 900 members.  At present, all our classes are virtual.

Q: What Demographic do you cater to?

A: Adults 50 years and older. We have an “Over 90” club as well.

Q: What kind of services does your organization offer? 

A myriad of classes, over 100 each semester, including learning to play an instrument, physical education such as Tai Chi, science classes, language, art classes, and human interest classes as examples.  Here’s a link to a class listing if you are interested

Q: What is the most popular service OLLI offers?

A: In addition to our educational classes, we provide social interaction for our members which is an important aspect of senior life.

Q: How can students become involved?

Each semester OLLI members become involved as mentors, collaborating with our CSUF  professors.  Students may find out more about our mentor program to become active.  

Q: Do you host any events? If so what kinds? 

A: OLLI hosts many social events that feature our OLLI and CSUF student musicians, as well as our annual Open House, introducing OLLI to the general public.

Q: How are you operating through virtual instruction? 

We were fortunate to have a dedicated team of OLLI “techies” who jumped in to pivot us from face-to-face to virtual as soon as the campus closed last Spring. 

Q: Where can people contact you for more information?  

You may contact Sue Mullaly, who is our VP External Relations, or Joyce Ono, our President.  Here is our website with more information:

Is there any last information you would like to add?

OLLI strives to be engaged with the campus, students, faculty, and staff in any way we can.  Being on campus is a huge privilege for us, and we welcome students to come by to visit when we are allowed back on campus.

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