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As a senior in the communications program at Cal State Fullerton, there’s an unmistakable sense of apprehension as finals week descends upon us. It’s the crescendo of a semester filled with hard work, restless nights, and endless cups of coffee. On campus, the atmosphere is thick with tension as we grapple with exams, papers, and last-minute study sessions. Come along as I recount the whirlwind of chaos that is finals week from the perspective of a seasoned senior.

The journey kicks off with a blend of excitement and dread. Senior year brings with it the bitter realization that the finish line is near, yet the obstacles are more formidable than ever. As a communications major, my finals aren’t confined to conventional exams alone; there are research papers, presentations, and group projects, each vying for its share of time and attention.

The library, typically a sanctuary for focused study, morphs into a battleground during finals week. It transforms into a symphony of rapid keystrokes, hushed conversations, and the occasional frustrated sigh. Securing a quiet corner becomes a small victory, as the demand for study spaces skyrockets, turning every available space into a coveted spot.

Balancing the demands of different classes becomes an intricate dance during finals week. It’s a delicate balancing act between revising notes for a media theory exam, perfecting a strategic communication campaign, and refining a research paper on the influence of social media on modern journalism. The mental juggling act becomes a testament to the multitasking skills developed over the past four years.

Late nights become the norm, and sleep becomes a luxury for the brave. The glow of laptop screens permeates the darkness of dorms and apartments as students burn the midnight oil. The camaraderie among peers in the early hours is oddly comforting – a shared acknowledgment that we’re all in this together, navigating the storm as a resilient community.

The pressure of finals week is not merely academic; it’s emotional. The weight of impending deadlines and the uncertainty beyond graduation create a unique blend of stress and anxiety. The future looms large, casting a shadow over the present. The question of what comes next is a constant companion, whispering doubts and fueling the fear of the unknown.

However, amidst the chaos, there’s a peculiar beauty in the resilience of students. We adapt, we persevere, and we draw strength from our shared experiences. The support system of friends and classmates becomes a lifeline, providing encouragement and understanding during moments of despair. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone in this journey – that everyone is wrestling with their own version of finals week stress.

As a senior communications student at Cal State Fullerton, finals week is a rite of passage, a crucible testing our knowledge, endurance, and determination. It’s a daunting chapter in the narrative of our academic journey, but it’s also a testament to our growth, resilience, and the bonds formed through shared adversity. Here’s to weathering the storm, emerging on the other side, and proudly donning that cap and gown – a symbol of our hard work and the unwavering spirit of Titans during finals week.


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