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By Dominic Samaniego

Earlier this month, I got the opportunity to connect with Couch, a Boston-based band that combines many different genres of music to create their unique voice and brand.

Couch– not your typical band name, right? I got to sit down and chat with Tema Siegal, lead vocalist, and Jared Gozinsky, the drummer. The two shared the story behind the band’s name.

The group named their band after something typically associated with feelings of warmth and coziness. According to Siegal, that is the kind of persona the band wants to give to listeners and fans. The very essence of the band may not be as apparent at first; however, when put into perspective and listening to their music, it becomes more evident.

One of their key philosophies is illustrated by their band’s very name, which may be hard to tell with other bands with various unique names. “We want to be approachable and warm, and we want people to know that they can make friends with us and ask us about our project,” Siegal said. Upon interviewing these two and giving their music a listen, I can attest to this fact.

In the current lineup, there are currently seven members. Siegal, Gozinsky, Zach Blankstein, Will Griffin, Danny Silverston, Jeffrey Pinsker-Smith and Eric Tarlin. It first started with a few members who played together in high school. As members began to pursue their degrees at their respective universities, it began to die out and then eventually picked up as something more casual.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. In their case, the statement has been proven true. Their love of music brought them together despite their physical space. This is uncommon for a band that typically stays together to record and produce music. The band continued to keep in touch with each other and would even write music together over video chat. Couch recorded music virtually for about three years until Spring 2021.

Despite the many challenges that may arise from producing music virtually, Tiegal found beauty in it all. The band was able to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

“We’re able to take as much time recording vocals as we want, which makes me a lot more relaxed during a session because I don’t feel like there’s a time crunch,” Tiegal said.

Your average band may get together in person and record sessions during studio time, but when you do things from a distance. This long-distance band became accustomed to a potentially challenging work environment and flow, strengthening them as musicians. The story of Couch perfectly demonstrates that distance does not need to be a deciding factor in the formation or disbandment of bands.

With so many members, each brings unique skills and knowledge to the songwriting and music production process.

“Those differences actually make what we do more fun for us. It keeps things refreshing; it keeps us all on our toes.” Gozinsky said. “It makes our musical projects better and makes us all better as musicians and writers.”

Couch does not confine itself to any particular music genre or label. Couch leans into each member’s unique talents to experiment with different music and genres.

This is made very clear in their current singles and projects. One song, “Easy to Love,” released in 2019, leans into jazz and soul influences. Tiegal’s vocals are perfectly layered over guitar riffs, allowing listeners to jam out and sing along.

Give it a listen here:

Couch released a new EP titled “Sunshower” on November 3, 2023, a great snapshot and representation of a new direction.

In addition, Couch is currently on tour, titled the “Sunshower Tour,” with special guest Alisa Amador. They are set to play at the El Rey Theatre on December 2nd. Tickets are on sale now.

Couch continues to define their voice as musicians, straying away from being defined by one music genre and instead taking from various musical influences. With such variety, this band is certainly easy to love.


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