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By Tania Sanchez (a.k.a DJ Nia)

The iconic 90’s series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was renowned for its radical feminism with its lead, Sarah Michelle Gellar, taking on traditional male tropes in the action and horror genres which was unseen before at the time. A blonde teenage girl would typically be the one running away from the type of monsters and villains that appeared in the show, however in Buffy Summer’s case, she was the one fighting back acting as the main action hero protecting and saving others. This as a leading factor in addition to dynamic portrayals of the troubles experienced in high school and college, led to the show’s establishment as a 90’s pop-culture classic. 

The Bronze in BTVS

Another aspect of  the series that they were highly recognized for was in featuring many underground and local bands, either by filming them perform at “The Bronze,” the local music scene in BTVS, or by having them included on the soundtrack with a song score. This led to praise of the series for helping many to discover new and/or overlooked artists, by giving them exposure and promotion on national TV.

As I rewatched the series myself, I came to appreciate this, as I was able to listen to a wide-range of musical talent I’ve never had before, but now love. BTVS included many genres from alternative, indie, post-grunge, pop-punk, garage rock, etc. which set the atmosphere of the series. So if you are on the prowl for new music, here are 10 songs by artists featured on the show that you may not know, but should give a listen to. 

Songs & links to listen:

#1: Sunday Mail – Spectator Pump

#2: Rotten Apples – 3 Day Wheely

#3:  Ballad for Dead Friends – Dashboard Prophets 


#4: Key – Devics

#5: Blue – Angie Hart 

#6: Universe – Stretch Princess

#7: School Blood – King Black Acid

#8: The Background – Third Eye Blind

#9: Pretty Please – Verbena

#10: Overfire – THC


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