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By Ryan Rowles

Want something short, sweet, and loud as hell? This 7-Inch Split by Orange County local skaviolence Corrupt Vision and French hardcore rockers Jodie Faster has a total runtime of four minutes and 28 seconds. Released in the U.S. under No Time Records on November 24th, both bands preach anti-capitalism and discuss their own mental health issues with slight ska flavoring.

Jodie Faster’s side has three songs, each under a minute long, and recorded in 2018 and 2022. The first song, “10 Years That Were Seven” is about taking all the bad things in life and choosing to persevere, even if that means using irony and nihilism as a way to cope. The second song “Six Year Old Conservatives” is extremely catchy and sardonic, with the lead vocalist Mika shouting “I think you’re six years old” over and over. The last song on their side of the split, “20 Seconds for Charles” is a sweet homage to the spirit of having fun at shows. Jodie Faster’s side is definitely fast- it’s in their name, but there’s still room to sing along.

Corrupt Vision opens their side of the split with some of the hardest hitting lyrics- “I had a dream that I killed myself,” a big change in tone from the light-heartedness of Jodie Faster’s side. This song, titled “F-king Coward” marks a deviation from the typical Corrupt Vision sound. This song is fast, faster than anything CV has released before. The next two songs, “Send In The Drones” and “Blocked” are back-to-back rage-fueled songs against war and political corruption. The last two songs, “Product by Design” and “Everything I’ve Done Wrong” are more typical of Corrupt Vision’s sound- their recognizable bass tone and ska rhythm is back on the final track. In just 47 seconds, “Product by Design” makes a great commentary on the commodification of labor that puts whole books to shame. The final track “Everything I’ve Done Wrong” is another song about mental health issues, tying us back to the song at the beginning.

For fans of fast, aggressive music with great musicianship and messaging, or if you just want to support a local band, this split cannot be recommended enough. It can be found in its entirety on Bandcamp, and is available on vinyl in the U.S. through No Time Records.


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