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by Grant Kitchen

If you’re looking for a “totally” 80’s experience, look no further than this odd Fullerton, CA establishment. For a small entry fee of $15, you’ll be teleported into an establishment with the aesthetic appeal of a temporary haunted house, full of patrons who haven’t left since the 80’s.

While this might sound unappealing, this mixture actually makes for a great experience if you’re like me and you’re into fringe life experiences.

Once you enter you’re immediately berated by day glow paint and black lights, which aren’t bad are true to the 80’s theme, but you also enter into a dining room full of tables which just felt completely out of place. If you get there early you’ll be able to get a drink without much hassle (other than on your wallet), but once it gets busier you can toss your dreams of another drink aside. Trying to save money and get water? That’ll still cost you as they won’t even give you a cup of water at the bar. $2 bottles of water only.

This place gets absolutely packed on the weekends, which is a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about the global health climate. If you’re down to take the risk, the people were extremely friendly and everyone was there to dance and have a great night. This was a very welcome feeling being that I’ve been to so many other venues where people just go there to stand and sulk.

Even though I just made this place out to be some kind of awful establishment, I need to clarify and say that it’s only half bad. Yes, a $15 cover charge at the door is expensive for what they offer. Yes, the drinks are expensive. Yes the inside looks bad. BUT it’s an incredibly fun venue if the DJ or Band playing is good. The sound system is acceptable, the venue is fairly central to everything else in Fullerton, and you’ll be hard pressed to be turned away at the door (unless you’re under 21). If you avoid the weird VIP section, the vibes inside of this establishment are pretty okay and you’ll probably have an interesting night. 

Have you been to Totally 80s? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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