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A little blip about my favorite music videos that defined my childhood.

By Shayla Rothman

Growing up in small-town Kentucky, I was always awed at the music videos my favorite artists released. It seemed like they could go anywhere in the universe, from a fairytale castle to a neon interpretation of ancient Egypt. Taylor Swift’s music videos actually convinced me that my biggest dream was to direct videos like hers. Those dreams died quite quickly, but my obsession with music videos of that era will never go away. 

Once in a while, I’ll binge early 2000’s music videos on YouTube to feel those same dreamy feelings. In my very humble and uneducated opinion, today’s music videos don’t have that same feeling. It’s harder to escape into them as much as the older ones. Although the production has possibly gotten better, I would rather watch something insanely imaginative over something super high quality. 

There are a few videos that I’ll always go back to and never forget. They honestly defined my childhood, and I’m so gracious for growing up in the time that I did because of them. 

You Belong with Me – Taylor Swift (2006)

While this might be on the more basic side for Ms. Swift, in terms of effects and setting, it is still one of the most iconic. 

Hot n Cold – Katy Perry (2008)

My favorite of the wedding-themed music videos. Her mini-shorts wedding dress combination shifted my sense of fashion permanently. 

Misery Business – Paramore (2007)

It’s hot. I’ll always aspire to be like her. 

Telephone – Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce (2010)

The Diet Coke cans as curlers… are you kidding. Going to prison has always been one of my biggest fears, but if it looks like this, arrest me!

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