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By: Cole Sherburne


Evenings Vol. 1 is the 7th album from Oregon based Chillsynth producer Hotel Pools. It tells the story of a person working the graveyard shift at a convenience store in Tokyo. One day, they decide to make an album to combat their boredom and in doing so they come to realize that their average daily life is more magical than they could have ever imagined.  The one thing that most stands out in this album are the drum beats. With tracks like Traffic, the drums are sharp and full of texture and they lay down the core foundation of the song that informs every other part. Then there are slow tracks like comebacksoon with their airy, wavy synths and a mid-song switch up that speeds ups the tempo and keeps things fresh. Tracks like Zen and Snacks come in with the signature lush synths that Hotel Pools is known for. There is even an ambient track with daydream with its sparkling synths giving the image of watching the glistening neon signs in the distance on the streets of Tokyo. Evenings Vol. 1 is Hotel Pool’s best album yet. Each song on this album is richly textured and filled with lush ambiance. The beats and melodies are fresh and diverse. I never felt like I was in one place for too long. Everything blends together beautifully creating a chillsynth masterpiece that’s sure to stand the test of time. 


Score: 9/10


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