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Dear Titan Radio Community,

What a wild few weeks it has been. It feels like yesterday we were laughing, chatting, jamming, and vibin’ in the radio station with you all. When things began to escalate regarding coronavirus in Orange County, we took swift action to cease our operations for the safety of everyone on campus. Thank you all for being so understanding of our decision.

For a lot of us, Titan Radio is our “place” at CSUF. It is where we feel most comfortable and where we’ve met countless lifelong friends. While it feels strange not to have that physical space to go to right now, we are doing our best to try and recreate that positive energy through other means.

Though we may all be physically distant, that doesn’t mean we can’t still be connected. In fact, we’d like to see our community flourish now more than ever. That’s why we are eager to share some exciting updates we’ve been working on!

Entirely At-Home Radio Show Production

Starting on Monday, March 30, Titan Radio will return to broadcasting the unique, student-driven content that we are known for. The only difference now is that all of our DJs will be producing their shows entirely from home.

With the help of our audio tech team, our DJs will be using Adobe Audition and DIY recording practices to create weekly 1-hour shows from home just like they would at PLS-051. For those without much tech experience, our staff will be offering Zoom tutorials on audio editing and production.

Check out our updated DJ schedule for a full list of returning programs!

Virtual Hangouts Coming Soon

As many of you likely already know, Titan Radio is more than just a radio station. We often host concerts, karaoke nights, panels, mixers, and game nights. Since we canceled all of our in-person events for the semester, our team has decided to put that energy and planning into hosting virtual events and hangouts!

The Titan Radio staff is currently testing options like Zoom, Rave, and Netflix Party. Once we have definitive dates and times, we’ll be posting information to join us on our social media and website!

Community Group Chat

Another way we are trying to stay connected to our DJs, street team, and listeners is through our new public community-based Slack group chat. If you’ve ever been to the station, you know it’s a place of open and random conversations relating to anything from music and movies to Disney Channel stars and TikToks.

In an effort to continue these lighthearted conversations, we’ve opened a new Slack group chat. If you’d like to join it, please email our team at [email protected], and we’ll send you an invite link.

P.S. We also share Nintendo Switch friend codes, PlayStation IDs, Spotify playlists, movie recommendations, and more. 🙂

Even Fresher Blog Posts

Over the past year, Titan Radio has been working hard to up our blog game. Now that the staff is all telecommuting and some of our radio operations tasks have halted, we all have a bit more time to write fun new blogs. Keep an eye on for movie and music reviews, things to do at home, opinion pieces, and more. If you’d like to contribute to our blog, just pitch us your idea by emailing us at [email protected].

We’re excited to start laughing with you all again.


The Titan Radio Staff

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